Digital IGBT gate drive units combine intelligent switching with best in class protection

Using digitally controlled IGBT gate drivers opens the horizon to high reliability and less switch-on losses by changing the operation characteristics using software programming

Most applications using IGBT modules today are still controlled by analogue drivers. However, more and more industrial customers are opting for digital architecture. This especially applies to those using modules with 1.7kV to 6.5kV blocking voltage, as they mainly benefit from advantages offered by digital technology. Hence, it will be only a matter of time until intelligent digital IGBT gate drivers for high power applications will become state of the art.

Why go digital?

The switch-on process is optimised through the gate current characteristics. This latest technology focuses on the digital change of the values of the gate resistors. The optimization of the gate current with adjustable gate resistors as well as continuous acquisition of di/dt enables a better IGBT performance, gate boosting, reduction of switch-on losses and softer switching resulting in decreased transient emissions. A digital input filter guarantees that unwanted signals will not impact the whole system. All parameters can easily be changed using an exchangeable file and the user does not need any software programming skills for this optimization.

The excellent protection functions such as four level desaturation monitoring, two level di/dt monitoring, feedback clamping with active function and multi-step soft shutdown are also optimized by the digital controller. Moreover  this digital technology has strong benefits regarding reliability and flexibility. In addition to that real time short circuit recognition or limitation, reliable protection against over-current in all short circuit conditions are strategic features for your applications.

Furthermore, this technology supports special topologies such as parallel connections, two- or multilevel. Targeted applications are high power systems requiring high reliability such as transportation (traction), large industrial drives, renewable energy and energy transmission (HVDC).

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